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  U-110 At a Glance
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Alan Broady ( writes:
Why is this thing still in my rack? Well, the EP is fantastic. Other than that it's just a generally useful peice of kit - but all that really be said about most of the other sounds is that they are merely OK and some of them are real wet farts.

Almost all of the sounds with any kind of release portion suffer badly from aliasing noise as they die away.

Hmmm - If you're thinking about getting one then these are the things to bear in mind...

1. The Proteus, U-220, Sound Canvas or just about anything that came after it are far superior instruments - if you have the choice then go for one of these. The U-110 was really the first instrument that was basically more a sample playback device than a synth and mistakes made on it were corrected on later models. 2. Six outs is really useful - if you have the mixer channels. 3. No stereo samples whatsoever - be warned. 4. Dead easy to program. 5. Try to get hold of some PCM cards - I haven't got any which I think is a bad mistake. This will massively increase your tonal pallette - don;t forget that there are four slots while the U220 has only two. 6. No filters whatsoever - this does make some of the sample loops rathe obvious. 7. When I say effects that's just chorus and tremolo - No reverb, no delays, no anything remotely useful...

In all honesty I just don't think that it cuts the mustard compared to today's offerings and other available second hand units - sorry.

Comments About the Sounds:
Limited by today's standards, although if you get a few PCM cards then things aren't so bad. It's hardly a classic but more of a workhorse and can be useful with those six separate outs. Sound quality is not too great in the S/N ratio department unfortunately. Good points - Easy to program Bad points - Fixed polyphony per multitimbral part if you use separate outs (this is a bit of a killer really). Also why it is 31 note poly, not 32 is beyond everyone... The EP is great - honest!!!

(Thanks to Alan Broady for this info.)
and Martin Jensen for the pic

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