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  SB-55 (Sound Brush) At a Glance
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Kádár István ( writes:
Half-rack size, especially designed for quick, easy playback of Standard MIDI Files Format 0 and Format 1 (max.17 track) from 3.5",DD disk. With virtually no loading time between songs, it is ideal for live performance. If your sequencer is not SMF compatible, you can convert your song data simply by recording it onto the SB-55 (in Format 0, time base: 192 or 240). Display: segments (no LCD). It has 2 MIDI-IN, and allows soft-thru. Modes: Single Play,Program Play,Random Play. A/B Repeat function: allows you to designate a specific phrase in the song with A/B markers. MIDI Update function: updates all sound selections and other MIDI configurations at any point in the song where you begin playback. MIDI Packet function: stores designated MIDI messages received from external devices in internal memory for later transmission. Auto MIDI Packet function: automatically transmits certain messages when the SB-55 is turned on.

(Thanks to Kádár István for this info.)
and clevercandle for the pic

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