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  RS-09 strings/organ 09 At a Glance
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Andrew Mavor ( writes:
"Cheap" keyboard that produce a simultanious organ and string tone, and is good as a basic, one thing only keyboard. Expect no real usability as an active part of a modern studio, but brilliant for those fat strings no sampler can touch. The "organ" is alright, with the added abilty that you can tweak four "drawbars" while playing, which morphs the harmonic content of the oscillator is a nice way. You can play either one, or both simultaniously. Also, you can feed a signal through the keyboard, much the same as on the synth-09, and it does fatten up the soundof a digital synth in a swirly-lo-fi way. Well worth the $100 I paid for it, if only that it looks cool, and it's dodgy innards dirty up any sound nicely. I wish you caould control paramaters of the incoming signal, but as it is, it feeds it through a flange-chorus type thing (I think-don't quote me on that) Wicked for a fat-ass string sound, or organ tone, that, with a little reverb, sits nicely in any mix. A.M.

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(Thanks to Andrew Mavor for this info.)
and Burke Soper for the pic

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