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  MKS-7 At a Glance
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Nayyar ( writes:
Well If three JUNO 106's and a TR-707 doesn't sounds good then what are u looking for??

Keiji Itsukashi : This module was called "SUPER QUARTET".It has melody, chords, bass and rhthm part.They have 2, 4, 1, 11 voices. Melody, chords and bass part are almost same to Roland JUNO-60. Easy to edit using Exclusive message. (cannot edit on panel) Drum track is same to TR707 or so.

Comments About the Sounds:
Same internal circuits as the JUNO 106 TR-707 drum kit on channel 10 JUNO 106 patches on channel 1, 2 and 3 Like ahving 3 Juno 106's Originally made as a JUno 106 module.. ABLE TO TWEAK VIA MIDI..res..attack..delay..etc

(Thanks to Nayyar for this info.)

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