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  JX-3P At a Glance
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Zachary Ruokari ( writes:
I don't care what ANYONE says. This is a great little keyboard. Absolute puppy to get to know, and use. Alot of people slag it because you can 'spend the same amount of money and get something better.' better in what way? in you're try hard trance-producer mate's opinion?? WHO F***ING CARES! The presets are so obviously from their era, Which i think is a great thing. I don't have the pg-200 (as the dickhead who sold me my JX3P wanted more for it than the keyboard) and i have no problems editing the sounds, and making them as phat, different and cheezy at the same time. i mean, unless you have 4 arms, why do you need the availabilty of 20 knobs to twist? Anyway, as i said, the sounds ARE very 80's, therefore great for electro leads, pads, and just plain crazy spastic sounds. Don't expect the bass to be huge, its not. its more of a middle keyboard. Go get one if you can, and i guarentee you will sit down for hours just listening to the baby purrrrr....

Comments About the Sounds:
think 80's metalic, harsh, dirty, lo-fi, cheezy beauties!!!

(Thanks to Zachary Ruokari for this info.)

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