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  GR-30 At a Glance
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Mark Davies ( writes:
I have always wanted one of these thing and Im not sorry I got it. $1000 is a lot of dough for my "hobby" but this thing is awesome. First off Id like to say that the guys at roland who program these sounds need a vacation, along one.., as most sounds needed; reverb; brightness; volume up and down (the samples are varied in volume very greatly) granted Im sure depending on how the string sensitivity is et makes a difference but...

TRACKING is awesome.. this thing is sweet for getting that right emotion, heres to the jazz and blues players need is some brass pads to back up vocals or a sax lead... It never ends.

The appregiator is pretty cool too. although it doesnt operate a I would have expected. Being Monophonic mode makes it possible to bend individual notes, which is what makes a guitar synth unique, the appregio is only rhythmically echoing notes played, don't get me wrong it works great, Its actually more like a rhthm sequencer for each individual string. So Its capable of playing chords that are held or strummed or appregiated. Like the guitar in 'The House Of The Rising Sun'. Damned cool I tell ya. Theres a harmonist too, I do a lot of midi stuf and being able to control, from any midi note source the key in which the synth voices are harmonizing to my guitar sound makes for a very powerful combination. Too Bad you cant appregiat one voice while hamonizing with another. . All in all, This is better than the GR-1, I was waiting for this to come out before I paid $$$. I was this close to getting the GR-1 and Im glad I waited. Theres MORE sample ROM and The harmonist/appreggiator is alot better than that cheezie 4 track sequencer that was GOD awful to use. GET ONE NOW!

Comments About the Sounds:
Not Enough Sound Effects, Too Much brass sounds, alot of the analog sounds sound similar to each other, until ya tweak em ,which isnt real simple being a floor unit.

(Thanks to Mark Davies for this info.)

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