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  EP-50 piano At a Glance
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Mark Ramsingh ( writes:
STAY AWAY IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR ACOUSTIC PIANO SOUNDS!!!. Before I estimate the value of the key board, Here are some possibly useful things about it: 1> 76 Keys, full sized, None weighted (very light) 2> Built in stereo speakers (two silver cone full range, I think sound wasn't crystal clear, but served as a good on board monitor, especially to get that super stereo image from the chorous 3> Left and Right audio inputs that are amplified onboard. They are not ,however, used in the chorous unit, to my knowledge. (I have good memories of plugging in a Casiotone Kbd into the left channel, and DX7 in the right channel, and my two brothers and I recording like that. 4>Easy transposing (Hold t'pose key and hit the key you want) 5>Easy MIDI transmit channel set (as above) 6>Easy to carry, not too heavy and thin profile BUT NOTE: (disadvantages) THE ONBOARD SOUNDS ARE BAD AND , LIKE THE DX7 classic, IT DOES NOT TRANSMIT FULL VELOCITY to my knowledge. TO SUM UP: I wish I had kept this keyboard, because it would have been a good controller at least, but without Pbend and Mwheels. It served well in our church for more than five years before a several of the keys would give intermittent problems (my brother bangs hard on the keys)...still, excellent reliability. companion for a TG100 or a small module to go to gigs etc. Buy it if you want a dog cheap controller (doesn't transmit full velocity though) with an on board monitor. No aftertouch, pbend, mwheel, controllers....just a plain kbd with about seven buttons. You Can plug the stereo outputs of a module or keyboard into the KBD. The onboard tones are almost useless in this day of sampling. If the sounds were editable that might have been better, but every thing (only four strings etc), is fixed.

Comments About the Sounds:
There are four sounds, piano1-3 and harpsichord. The sounds are typical subtractive synthesis tones, piano1 is dark, piano 3 is bright. The sounds, are not realistic!!, you can get better piano sounds from a tg100 or a Dx7 (FM synth). Sounds like a cross between an electric piano and piano. Bass can be deep, but has that buzzy distorted edge of the subtractive synth genre.

(Thanks to Mark Ramsingh for this info.)

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