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  CMU-810 'CompuSynth' At a Glance
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Kelly ( writes:
Produced by Roland DG. This mini synth expander has the same controls as the synth part of Rolands famous MC-202, which is virtually identical to the SH-101, less waveform selection of the mod source. There is a nice audio mixer thrown in to add up to two external instruments, sadly, after the filter. The VCA is switchable between linear and exponential mode, and has a CV in for controlling it from an outside source (ie, I've mapped velocity from my MIDI keyboard, thru a MIDI-CV box to control the CMU's volume). This is a surprisingly strong sounding box, but probably fairly rare. I've never seen one before I picked mine up. Recommended to replace the 101 or 202, if you can get the CMU cheaper.

Comments About the Sounds:
Being a single oscillator synth limits your sonic potential from a diversity stand-point. From within the expectations a single osc synth however, this little module is surprisingly bold. It sounds like a Roland MC-202 in every way, less the sequencer.

(Thanks to Kelly for this info.)

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