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  Concertmate 990 At a Glance
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Peter Koscielny writes:
This is my fourth keyboard, and the best sounding one I have owned up to date. I had two other Casios and an Ensoniq SQ1. The Concertmate 990, also released as the Casio CTK-601, sounds very crystal clear compared to my other keyboards as well as to much more expensive keyboards I have used over the years. And for a price this low, $250, it is an unbeatable deal. I would recommend this keyboard to anyone looking for an instrument which will not only perform well on your desk recording midi file but will also attract attention if you play in a band. An amazing feature is the large LCD screen which is very informative and fun to watch when your playing since it shows everything from which midi channels are being used to which key on the keyboard is being pressed to which note is being played. Only one problem/downside I, as well as others, have noted. This being the weak 5 Watt amplifier which is not adequate, however if you own a great sounding stereo then just hook it up to t! hat and enjoy (I use mine with an Aiwa home system and 150 Watt speakers and it sounds like heaven).

Comments About the Sounds:
All sounds are very clear and great-sounding. There is a programmable synth. that allows you to create up to 32 sounds. The synth. is somewhat limited but is very easy to use and for this price is definitely a cool option.

(Thanks to Peter Koscielny for this info.)

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