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  P9700S At a Glance
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Tony Sharfman ( writes:
It's probably one of the most compact modulars ever designed. You get 2 VCOs, 2 multimode VCFs, 3 VCAs, 2 AR/LFOs, and 1 ADSR, all in a 3U rack. The Modules themselves also have powerful normalization schemes and can work as something else. For example the VCA module can be used as a ring modulator and noise sourse. This is probably also the cheapest way you can get into modular analog. But that means it only comes in kit form, meaning you have to spend many hours putting it together. It can be a very difficult process, but you get the satisfaction of having a synth you put together yourself. Paia is also very helpful at fixing it should you mess up.

You can see a picture of mine at

And check for more info.

Comments About the Sounds:
It's a modular! Just go crazy, if you can think of a sound this can probably do it. Of course you can use it for the typical bass sounds too. It excells at that, but the fun lies in the strange noises.

(Thanks to Tony Sharfman for this info.)
and not at all for the pic

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