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  Fatman At a Glance
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Dave Garfield ( writes:
A LOT of "Bang For The Buck" ie, Big Sound, Small Price. I'd be willing to pay a bit more for the inclusion of an LFO or two, more waveforms (easily implimented), ability to change Pitch Bend range, and a Tweak more keyboard range, for those Screamin' Leads. Kit is VERY EASY to assemble (as PAiA once said in one of their assembly manuals, "If you know which end of the soldering iron to hold..."), Saves you money over, say a Novation Bass Station, and teaches you Hybrid Analogue synthesis at the same time. Fatman can receive MIDI on any channel (!), and is Velocity sensitive, to boot -- though the Velocity implimentation could be improved a bit. VERY Analogue Sound!

Comments About the Sounds:
VCF is a 12Db per Octave unit (like the Roland TB-303), so sounds are more "electronic" than say, a Minimoog. PUNCH switch adds about 20 ms. of sustain between Attack and Decay of VCA envelope, simialr to DOES fatten up the sound. Only Sawtooth wave available w/o mods. (PWM Converter mod. available). Good sampler material here!

(Thanks to Dave Garfield for this info.)

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