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  Two Voice At a Glance
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Gary Miraz writes:
Very cool. My CS-80 Stands next to it!! I love the idea of the synthesis. Separate voice modules all sync'd somehow. Very Intuitive. But WORK. COOL!

Comments About the Sounds:
DO NOT BE TURNED BY THE POLYPHONY! Incredible , playufl synthesiser. Sequencer is especially helpful. HAs switches to 1-8 to affect sequence. Vey useful for live shows!Two voice is a bit to handle due to patch creatring on the fly. Need to setup two separaratly synthesisers to succesfully do so. Four/EIGHT!! voice without the finicky programmer must be BICTH!.If you find one cheap get it!! It is worth it! At Least to me. The [people at the rave thought so. Easy to see in and programme in the DARK!! Chocalate covering in any track. Specially Software synths. They are incredible , specially after some TWEAKING, Is that what it is all about?Get one! Get One!

(Thanks to Gary Miraz for this info.)
and for the pic

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