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AdamT writes:
The OBXa is one hell of a powerful machine, it packs an incredible warmth that makes the Prophet-5 seem thin in comparison (i`ve compared them), the filter has a 2-pole mode that allows resonance without robbing the power and gives that classic Oberheim sound from a standard Curtis chipset. Check the Polyphony!, they came in 4, 6 and 8 voice versions so beware, also later ones had 120 memories so check that too by pressing 2 or more bank buttons simultaneously, originally they had only 32 mems which may not be enough ?. Both the voice boards and Memory update daughter boards maybe hard to obtain. Control wise it Ain`t as flexible as a prophet-5, no Poly Modulation section, less control over the oscillators, BUT it has sample and hold (useful these days) 2-LFOs, Polyphonic portamento and Split/layer (to create FOUR OSCILLATOR mayhem) and other keyboard modes that other Analogs only dream of, the control Levers are excellent and the whole thing is very well built with a proper chunky power supply and PA AMP style heatsink. Its BIG but not heavy.. PS another reason why it sounds more meaty than the OB8 is that it has larger coupling caps on the voice cards. Check Hyperreal`s Music machines for the Mod OB8 Owners.. The cassette interface sucks, this is no 4-second reliable job as on the Korg Polysix, verrrry tricky indeed so get a MIDI retro with patch dumps.. If you see an OBXa going BUY IT while they`re still reasonable

Comments About the Sounds:
The only fully analog Poly that can do a realistic Hammond. even does great HARP impersonations, better for acoustic sounds than most Analogs. incredible Huge bass depth and warmth that is only matched by the Jupiter-8 and bettered by the CS80. It leaves JP6`s, Prophets, OB8`s etc gagging for breath!. If you want complex mod routings and ultimate flexibility, but a Prophet-5 or JP6 though..

(Thanks to AdamT for this info.)

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