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  Nord Electro 61/73 At a Glance
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Roald Lingbeek writes:
Simplicity, feel and quality. That's all about it. This machine has no strings, no synths, no trumpetsounds.

It has the classic electromechanical keyboards, and the classic effects, used in the 70s [phaser, ringmod, wahwah, autowah etc.]. The difference with any other synth is that it is so expressive, it makes you play funky right away. The keyboard has a good quality feel to it, allows both organ style and piano style playing [but is intended for organ use].

The organ part itself is modelled and fully polyphonic so you can lie down on the keys. It is mean just like the real thing. There are no real drawbars, but an array of LEDS showing the setting. It allows you to morph between drawbarsettings on the fly.

Some people complain the the possibilities of this machine are limited. They are right. If it wasn't available on the real machine, it's not in the Electro. Compare it to a Les Paul guitar. It is a very handsome machine. Get it out of the box, play, and get the best out of yourself.

There are some downsides [about which you immediately forget when you play the thing]. The acoustic grand is not outstanding, and the unit is only monotimbral.

Comments About the Sounds:
All the classic electromechanical gear... Hammond B3, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, CP80, Hohner Clavinet D6. Nothing else! Oh yeah. A mediocre acoustic grand piano. No display, no menus. Just tweak the buttons, get a nice classic effect in and get funky! The best synth I ever had. The sounds are amazingly expressive, unlike anything on the market today. The only substitute for the Electro is that bunch of REAL instruments!!

(Thanks to Roald Lingbeek for this info.)
and Roald Lingbeek for the pic

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