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  MX-880 Duo At a Glance
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Jesse M ( writes:
The Multivox MX-880 is known as a preset monophonic analog synthesizer with a 3-octave, 37-note (C-C) keyboard with aftertouch. Although it is a preset synth by definition, it has 22 knobs and sliders which can override the preset values. As far as I know this analog synth was made late early to mid 1970 's. Some of its features were obviously taken from some of the Roland models that were made at that time, and the Filters on the Multivox MX - 880 are strikingly similar to the Moog filters. (rumored to have been identical)

Comments About the Sounds:
This synth can produce major electronic bleeps, sweeps, harsh noises, as well as mellow, moody, ethereal pads. Even if you don't know anything about synthesizer programming the layout of the controls makes it a breeze to customize the sounds to your taste.

(Thanks to Jesse M for this info.)

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