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  MX-65 At a Glance
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Y. Dubois ( writes:
The Multivox MX-65 is six voice polyphonic keyboard weighs just 16 pounds.And delivers tons of sophisticated keyboard sound.

The MX-65 gives you six voices: piano,strings,clavichord,honky-tonk piano and organ.That means more versafility and new dimention for your music.With a little creative use of the MX-65's modifiers for volume,pitch,filters,envelope generator(3 shapes) and ensemble (3 modes including unisson effects) you literally have infinite sound possibilites right at your fingertips.The MX-65 produces the lush multi-layered textured sound so dramatic as background fill.Good synth. and rare to found. I buy it recently and is very cool synth you have gate out and VCF control in.If you find one buy it !!!!!!

Comments About the Sounds:
the sounds is great

(Thanks to Y. Dubois for this info.)

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