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  CDX Organ At a Glance
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Vox Mystica writes:
Weird Moog/Thomas/Cordovox hybrid synth and organ, dual keyboards (43 and 49 keys), minimal filter, typical presets that sound nothing like they're supposed to (Guitar, Banjo, Piano, etc.), plus octave switches, reed selection, y mucho, mucho mas! Basically a Moog Satellite grafted onto a somewhat portable, traditional organ...organ polyphony plus the monosynth sound over the top, way over the top! Easy to figure out, quite a few sliders and buttons for tweaking, sound like Perrey and Kingsley or the Moog Cookbook jammin' with granny on the home organ in no time! This thing is a complete albatross, no telling how few were made, but its uniqueness adds to the charm...several executives were probably fired over this one, as I can't imagine any sort of real market for these things, but I wouldn't trade mine for anything. Solid as a rock, the hull of this baby seems to be fiberglass, ugly off-white (the color of smokers' teeth), too heavy and unwieldy to move very often, the oscillation drifts all over the studio, more of a collector's item or curiosity, but it's still a Moog, albeit the bastard of the bunch.

Comments About the Sounds:
Great squelchy, farty synth sounds, killer Stevie Wonder playing

(Thanks to Vox Mystica for this info.)
and Mark Campbell for the pic

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