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STicKX writes:
A bit ms20 like. It can sound very grungy and it can get very clean. Also 303'ish sounds are well emulated by this synth. If you run thru a distortion of some sort it sounds very acid.


3 oscillators (tri, saw ands square waveforms for every osc)3rd one can also be used as a LFO

24dB lowpass filter (designed by Bob Moog) with envelope follower (ADS)

Sequencer that can hold 16 sequences of up to 32 steps each. Syncs to midi and sends midi clock to.

Keytracking for the filter (on/off)

Tap button keyboard.

Nice sounding! and only $345 new.

Comments About the Sounds:
This baby can get very 303'ish. Filter is designed by Bob Moog himself and sounds absolutly wonderfull!

(Thanks to STicKX for this info.)
and dodger for the pic

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