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  4600 At a Glance
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professorspodnick writes:
The for runner to the mighty 5600s,has the same 4 osc's,but has 2 multi mode (lp,bp,hp)filters,these are 12db and lack reso.but do have a unique character,the filter circuit can be modified to the specs of the powerful 24db resonant filters found in the 5600s without too much trouble,Ive got one of each in my unit,the 4600 has a slightly smaller 22x22 patch matrix ala Ems pin board so modulation and patching options are mind boggling, it also has 5 mixers,2 ring modulation amps,lfo,switchable noise 2transient and envelope gens.,it has2 external inputs so out side sounds can be procesed,as well as its old spring rev,and a multiband lacks the 5600s nice phaser though, All in all a truely massive synth,if well made easily gives the arp 2600,ems or smaller moog mods a kick up the ossc,especially with one of the 2 filter mod to 24 db res type.

Comments About the Sounds:
with 4 osc,can sink any arp moog

(Thanks to professorspodnick for this info.)
and for the pic

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