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  K150FZ Synthesizer Module At a Glance
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Anonymous writes:
A big heavy and ugly black rack module with a gigantic 1 line LED display but rather straightforward to use. Build like a tank, but there seem to be reliability problems nevertheless (frequent crashes). The sound is generally rather thin and lacks brightness, you'll need an exciter or something. This is only for die-hard additive fanatics, and even most of those seem to give up on the machine after a while since the most interesting external resynthesis feature is only achievable via some Apple II software. Another drawback is that there are only about 4 "synthy" instrument models on board, so you have to use external software for the more interesting things the machine can do. There is also a non-FS version that doesn't allow the external instrument definition. The basic synthesis engine is simply without competition: 240 oscs that are dynammically allocated (yes, the single oscs) and can produce either sine or noise waveforms. The front panel editing does only allow for a couple of rather common parameters like LFO, doubling, delay and extensive split/crossfade options. Also the K150 has the most extensive MIDI control I have ever seen (maybe the K2000 beats it, I don't know): It can respond to every MIDI controller simulateously (!!!) and offers very detailed control routing. There is no mailing list, but I know a couple of K150 users, so you can contact me if you need more information. Also check out my K150 WWW page.

Comments About the Sounds:
All sounds are a little dull (about 10kHz max freq.), generally the sound is rather thin

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