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  Micro Ensemble At a Glance
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eric writes:
This is a very nice box considering the price and amount of memory it uses. My gripes would be the 32-note polyphony limitation (I thought we past 32 notes long, long ago), also the absence of a MIDI activity LED. On the old Micro, you always knew you were hitting it by the display LED. There is also no way, to my knowledge, to change the type of effect on each patch. It's either less or more of the same.

All things considered, this box gets the job done. That annoying decay in the piano sample's midrange is gone from the prevoius PC/Micro sample. The headphone jack is also a plus.

Comments About the Sounds:
Acoustic piano sounds are probably the best. Very good considering this module has only 16megs max to work with. Elec piano sounds very cool as well. Would've liked more sample resolution on some. No really bad sounds here.

(Thanks to eric for this info.)

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