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c. delwel ( writes:
This module was designed for use on a home piano. It's a tabletop model all metal and with only a few functions. It is mono with two outputs responds to velocity and aftertouch BUT NOT TO PITCHBEND! It only got a few sounds but it is 16 notes polyfonic full multitimbral and CHEAP! The trick is, you use this thing for strings and choirs on wich it sounds great, and free your expensive stuff from polyfony-eating parts. The Pianocard sounds and plays very good. You can not store anything but on the other hand it powers up the way you had left it (when used multitimbral/zones/detune/etc.) and there is simply nothing to program anyway : if you want strings? push the lighted button marked strings....

This is a workhorse when you use a sequencer. It may be everything but glamourous. The sounds are OK but not "It kills me" material. On the other hand this probably makes them sound good in almost any song. And because it's push-and-ready a breeze to use. It is so cheap don't buy another expansioncard for your roland/yamaha/whatever buy this and leave it at home plugged in.

Comments About the Sounds:
This thing got only a few sounds great strings, INCREDIBLE choir (you hear the range change from male low and female high), decent organ, brass, double bass, churchorgan and drums.

(Thanks to c. delwel for this info.)
and Jeff Goldberg for the pic

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