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jb ( writes:
This DS-8-era portable 8-track sequencer is the essence of simplicity and portability. I've had mine for years and never had a problem with it.

Pros: I got it because it is inexpensive (under $100), simple to operate (cassette-like controls), and small (~6.5"x9"x1.5"). A great box for laying down simple MIDI tracks and scratch-padding. I velcro it either on top or on the side of my controller. It has an LCD display that is clear, easy to read, but not backlit. It simultaneously displays current tempo, measure, beat, channel, all 8 tracks, and memory usage. Has a metronome and headphone out. It will step record and quantize. I haven't tried it yet, but there's no reason why any software-generated std. 8-track MIDI file can't be played on it.

Limitations: One drawback is the fact that it uses Quick Disks (2.8" floppies) to store data. They hold less and are more expensive than 3.5" disks. The older Roland sequencers and samplers (e.g., S-10) use these disks. You can buy them at most office supply warehouses like Office Depot or Office Max (2 for ~$7US). A Smith-Corona wordprocessor uses the same disks. It will only quantize to 32nd notes, as far as I can tell. It also uses a wall-wart, but that's understandable for a device as small as this.

Summary: A GREAT first sequencer for someone who wants to learn w/o a big investment. Not a pro-level unit, but it was never meant to be. It makes a great real scratch-pad for capturing ideas, while gigging because it's so portable. You can still find these little boxes for under a $100, so I wouldn't pay more, unless someone is going to include a bunch of Quick Disks with the deal.

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(Thanks to jb for this info.)
and Kirk for the pic

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