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  SGX-1D At a Glance
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Don Garberg (Per writes:
The SG-1D and SGX-1D (an updated Steinway sample that came out in '87) was about the only decent sounding sampled piano for years. It is far outclassed by others now, and even the new Korg SGproX has a sample of this old beast in it. But if you look in the July 1995 issue of Keyboard magazine, there is a box on page 82 that tells all about this guy. It even wound up beating one of the newer pianos in a blindfold test in a couple areas, and came very close to Kurzweil, Roland, and Yamaha piano in the quality of sound dept. I've used this piano for years as a controller. It is pretty light in the master controller area, but has a good, solid feel and is dependable as anything. It's only been in the shop once in 7 years, and that's because it fell while being transported in a gig bag! Nice, bright sound for cutting through in band settings, and you can always MIDI it up to one of the great sounding, cheap boxes out there. HEAVY, by today's standards, but would make a great 88 ke! y weighted controller for a studio or home MIDI environment. A very playable, if somewhat dated, piano.

Comments About the Sounds:
A classic sampled piano that was in production for 8 years - unheard-of in this day and age.

(Thanks to Don Garberg for this info.)

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