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Sonic Monkey () writes:
Korg EC350 88 Key Digital Piano With SpeakersReal Piano Sound, Real Piano FeelThe Korg EC350 pianos not only sounds like a traditional piano, it also plays like a traditional piano, with a solid 88-note hammer-action keyboard. A selection of three touch curves, allow you to customize the touch to your playing style. Featuring up to 60 note polyphony, and including three pedals for the Damper, Sostenuto and Soft functions. The EC350 even boasts a key cover. The amplification and speaker systems have been carefully designed to work in harmony with the wood finished cabinet, to provide a full sound with a natural presence.Advanced FeaturesFlexible tuning options include instant transposing and fine-tuning. Aficionados of historical temperaments will appreciate the historical Kirnberger and Werckmeister scales. The metronome has volume control and the option of accenting the first beat of the bar to assist with rhythm practice. For the modern player, the EC350 offers connections to other MIDI equipment via a standard MIDI interface. The EC350 has PC HOST interface for connecting directly to a PC. A special two-part recorder function in the EC350 allows you to record and play back performances so you can create your own musical compositions and improve your playing technique. The EC350 features audio inputs and audio outputs; plus dual headphone jacks for private listening and teacher/student use.

(Thanks to Sonic Monkey for this info.)

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