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  CX3 At a Glance
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Steve Davies ( writes:
This was strictly an attempt to replicate the Hammond B or C 3 sound, which it did very well. It was well made, looked good, and it sounded a lot more authentic than the new stuff i have been using. There is a guy in Baltimore with a BX3 (Two Manual Version) wanting 1800 USD for one. That's a Twenty-year old model with no Midi!

Comments About the Sounds:
The best 'Hammond Organ Synth ever on the market. Kicks the Hammond Suzuki's ass for sound. I now use a Voce B2 plus the Spin Leslie effect. I wouls still love to get my hands on another one-mine disappeared while flying to Germany from the States in 90-I got insurance money, but I couldn't find one in time.

(Thanks to Steve Davies for this info.)
and Brad Smith for the pic

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WANTED! for my korg CX-3. I have the Korg BPX-3. And I need his brother PK-13.

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