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chris delwel writes:
This synth is tweekable to the point of feedback in the VCF. (making possible the best syndrums you've ever heard) It's whole architecture breathes BIG. Wide pads and the possibility of using two of them layered, Two oscillators and an additional SUB-OSC, Pulswithmodulation of the first DCO by the second is possible allowing complex pads in addition to the wide silky chorus effect. This makes the SX240 less strong in the American-style agressive synth stabs league. So perfect Farfisa-style organs but no roaring B3's, All the soundeffects and pads you can throw a stick at but no "attackbrass" Though the sheer power of it's filter and the number of OSC's coupled to a effective monomode makes it possible to bould whopping basses and piercing leads. (8 voices times 3 OSC's makes 24 OSC's on one bass voice!)

you can split the keyboard on a fixed spot.

Funny thing : the sequencer is tied to the lower sound and the Midi to the upper sound (when in DUAL or SPLIT mode) this structure makes it impossible to use midi in conjunction with the sequencer... (exept for midiclock) The sequencer simply isn't attached to midi.

The midi on this synth is ancient. Memorymoog-like. (receive fixed on omni!) An Anatek pocketChannel is nescessary to make it usable in today's world.

Comments About the Sounds:
This synth can be sonically compared to a Jupiter 6.

(Thanks to chris delwel for this info.)

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