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Nick Storring writes:
This keyboard is far from serious. It's basically a toy. It's cheesy yet cool, in the same way that all the other toy classics are (the Casio Rapman and SK-1). This one however, is more low-key than those ones and is more of a home keyboard. It features Top Note Dual, a thing where you can milk 400 sounds out of the 20 presets by mixing two of the sounds to create a new one. It also features one finger adlib where you press a key and it plays little melodic breaks with the 20 preset styles.

Comments About the Sounds:
The sounds in general are pretty bad seeing as it's virtually a toy yet the string sound is a actually pretty good considering. It sounds like Sarah McLachlan used the drums on her debut too, because they're in the exact same stereo positions. The "Top Note Dual" offers monophonic sound mixing. In other words you can mix the presets, and that allows you to "create" 400 custom sounds. And like many toy keyboards, the banjo patch sounds like absolute crap.

(Thanks to Nick Storring for this info.)

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