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  FS690 At a Glance
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Rodrigo Bertoli Rocha writes:
It was my first keyboard. This model is a new release of the FS680. It´s a good keyboard for beginners. This keyboard has speakers on board and produces stereo sounds. It has a 5 octave keyboard with full size keys, but it not responds to velocity. There´s 100 (95 + 5 user) sounds available to chose. There isn´t a GM compatible set. Some of them are split sounds , but you can´t choose what sounds to use and where to split the keyboard. there´s also a cool option called synthesizer that permits you to modify the envelope of the sounds and store in 5 user sounds. Each sound is composed by two waves , and you can modify the sound modifying just the ADSR envelope. there are 5 parameters for each wave: attack speed, attack level, decay speed, sustain level and release speed. The keyboard has MIDI and it´s 5 parts multitimbral (4 sounds +1 drum). It has some controllers like hold and sustain pedals and a pith bend controller , in form of two keys. There´s a rhythm section that you can sync to MIDI clock. There are 100 (95 + 5 user) patterns available. You can create your own pattern, with intro,fill in and ending. Other cool feature is the "One Finger AdLib" : there´s 28 phrases for each pattern to play with just one finger, and you can create your own phrases to play with your own patterns. There´s also a song recorder that can hold 3 songs. It has a dual voice function : you can layer up to 2 voices , and you can detune them a little bit. You can also add sustain and stereo chorus to the sounds, but it decreases the polyphony

A simple keyboard for who want to learn how to deal with MIDI .

Comments About the Sounds:
It´s a keyboard for beginners. Don´t expect too much.

(Thanks to Rodrigo Bertoli Rocha for this info.)
and Jarek from Brno for the pic

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