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  Superstringer At a Glance
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Kristofer Ulfves ( writes:
Last summer I did repair this stringmachine, which is bulit in Italy in the mid seventies. It's heavy, case made out of wood and metal and it's fully polyphonic. The Jen Superstringer is devided into 4 parts; the stringsection goes all over the keyboard, while the mixable brasssection (horns and miaxable trumpets) goes along the upper part of it. The lower part of the keyboard can be doubled with the basstringsection. All of these sections can be can be turned of and have controllers for attack, decay and chourus on/off (which is marked as solo on/off). The one that I repaired was way greasy inside, probably due to it being stuck in a dusty rehersalcellar for years with some ol' rockers. BTW the Superstringer I repaired belongs to the 70ies rockband Bozemans Simplex.

Comments About the Sounds:
Lush strings. Nice trumpets and horns, basssection a little muffly.

(Thanks to Kristofer Ulfves for this info.)
and kroffe for the pic

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