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  XM-1 At a Glance
Picture needed arrowReleased: 1993  Specifications
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Jesper Andersen ( writes:
The XM-1 is a true Hammond-Organ. I am more a piano/synth-guy, than an organ-guy. So the XM-1 is perfect for me. It has a wide range of cool organ-patches. There is chorus, vibrato, percussion, distortion, leslie and reverb. If you combine it with the XMc-1 drawbar-module the easy of use is improved a lot. This is a module-version of the XB-1/2 keyboard. It is very similar to Rolands VK-7 - I think Rolands leslie and percussion is better, but then its cool to have it all in a module. The sounds are remarkebly better than what you'd expect from all round modules like the 2080. I say if you need great organ patches but they are not an essential part of your playing and you dont dream of owning a B3 then this is for you. By the way - hook it up with a real leslie and it's wild.

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(Thanks to Jesper Andersen for this info.)

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