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  GM1000 At a Glance
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Keith ( writes:
A highly regarded and nice sounding little desk top module from Hammond-suzuki. The GM sounds are excellent...good pianos,drums, strings etc. The module contains a Hammond organ section with offers a wide variety of B3 samples which can be routed through a Leslie speaker simulater. The overall effect is a very faithful reproduction of the classic sound. Other effects include the usual chorus, delays and reverbs etc. All sounds can be edited by filter, LFO and envelope and saved to pc. A great choice for those who require a Hammond sound, but who are working to a budget. Not many of them about though. Most were sold to home keyboard enthusiasts who had replaced their Hammonds with Yamaha PSRs and Technics K series. You can easily perform a heavily Hammond influenced set with a GM1000. It can be almost carried in your pocket to the gig. Much easier than lugging a L100 about and much more immediate, and faithful than using a sampler.

Comments About the Sounds:
Very clean, quality sounds. Superior to most modules and racks out there.

(Thanks to Keith for this info.)

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