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Rich Naylor ( writes:
Well, where do I start, having owned a 777 and a 303 I think I can begin to make comparisons about the sounds but I dont want to do that. They are individual instruments in their own right but i'm sure you want to hear if it really does copy the 303 sound.

Well sometimes you may be mistaken for thinking it is a 303 you are listening to. Some patches can sound very much like it. When you crank the resonance and make it squeal though, like the 777 it hasn't quite got that sound and the controls just don't feel right if you are used to a 303.

My only gripe is the accent circuit is a bit dodgy making audible clicks if you have no overdrive applied to it and the cutoff is low, however it easy to work round.

Now I have only used this machine for a couple of days but I really am blown away by it. The sequencer is absolutely fantastic. It actually has a remix function which is controlled by two potentiometers. Depending on their posistion, you can control the algorithm the sequencer uses to randomise patterns. This is great for live use, creating fills and of course can suddenly trigger your inspiration!!!. The sequencer has an added shuffle function, which may come in handy but the feel of the machine is great. It doesnt feel robotic, it grooves really nicely:- something reason and the like cannot do at present.

The controls are cut back compared to the 777 but this does'nt mean it is any less of a synth. For example there is no overdrive control, just a switch, no variable waveforms, just a switch and no switchable filter pole. Also missing is the VCO modulation as the unit only uses one oscillator. However, there are now fx on the unit. They aren't the best fx but with extreme settings, you can create some fantastic sound effects. My favourite thing though is the audio input. Routing any audio source in to the unit actually modulates the oscillator. Try plumbing the head phone out back in to the vco for some sick sounds!!!

Connectivity is not so good for analog enthusiasts with just a cv and gate out. Instead the revolution has gained a midi thru, DIN sync a headphone jack and a modulation input.

This synth will not appeal to everyone but for any analog heads out there, this maybe the one for you. The revolution is a fun piece of kit to use and is great for composing and getting ideas down. The great thing about this sequencer is you connect it up to other synths and using this method of sequencing you can come up with stuff that you really wouldn't do in front of a computer. So in conclusion not only is this a cool monosynth, it is also a wicked sequencer. Two for the price of one!!! Get one you probably won't be dissapointed

Comments About the Sounds:
quite like the 303 at times, much closer than the 777 was.

(Thanks to Rich Naylor for this info.)
and Megatheodor for the pic

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