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  Studiologic SL-880 At a Glance
Picture needed arrowReleased: 1996 (?)  Specifications
arrowUser rating: 4.7/5 |  Read reviews (3)
James Young ( writes:
Excellent everything bar the display sums up this piano-weighted master keyboard. 4 zones, aftertouch, pitch/mod wheels and built like a tank. A few minor quibbles though - there are no sliders, poor (although fairly clear) display, no memories and the wheels aren't assignable to other controllers. That's just me being cheap though - for 200 UKP more or so you can get the (otherwise identical) SL-1100 which has all of the above complaints sorted out. Most importantly on a master keyboard though is the action, and this is where it really wins out. The SL-880 has the best action of ANY master keyboard I've ever played... well, perhaps aside from a MIDI Grand. Impressive stuff, and pretty damn good value too.

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(Thanks to James Young for this info.)

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