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Francis Naughton ( writes:
This is an oddity I picked up from a skip near my house. It is quite large and heavy and folds out from a flight case to reveal funky chrome legs. There are controls are for piano, clav, guitar, strings and harpsichord and an envelope control with three settings (piano, sustain and percussive) All these controls are duplicated again, and a switch allows you to split the keyboard into two sections with different sound on each. The Sounds are quite thin, but also quite complex, with an amazing amount of wiring inside to obtain seperate velocity sensitivity for each key. The velocity seems to also control some filtering, and three pots on the circuit board under the front panel allow you to wind up the resonance on the simple filters for some odd effects. The build quality is excellent and it really plays very well. I would appreciate any information anyone can give me about this synth.

Comments About the Sounds:
its a very odd combination of an organ and a piano. its very large and heavy and uses a seperate circuit under each key for velocity

(Thanks to Francis Naughton for this info.)

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