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Frank Valoczy writes:
The oscillator is quite unstable and needs to be tuned every hour or so, but the filter is great - selfoscillating - that's what saves this machine is the filter, cuz the osc is nothing special. The keyboard is almost as bad as that of a Pro-One...

Overall, a decent machine - extremely rare too, even in Russia, where it was made. Excellent curio piece, but musically it's best to use it as a source for sexy squeals to go along with the basslines from a Polivoks or Aelita. If you're a collector of rare synths, buy it if you find it - when I got it, I didn't know what it was, neither did anyone else I asked - had to find out from the designer of the Polivoks!

Comments About the Sounds:
The sounds that can be produced range from bland to pretty good, but this unit is best used for a squawk box.

(Thanks to Frank Valoczy for this info.)

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