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  AudioPCI At a Glance
Picture needed arrowReleased: 1997  Specifications
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Terry Thomlinson ( writes:
PCI based soundcard with RAM dependant wavetable sounds and full duplex -90dB s/n ratio for digital audio recording and playback. Very American sounding in range and quality. Uses the PC's system RAM as the source for wavetable RAM. Thus no RAM onboard. Has Reverb (fair) and Chrorus (good) and 3D (good) fx. Soundblaster compatible under Win95. I can't get any DOS games to play with it !! Can use 2MB, 4MB & now 8MBsound sets. 8MB is obviously the best (but not much better than the 4MB, funnily enough). Still use my XG/Sound Canvas modules for GM playback as this is basically a software synthesizer. Digital audio quality is pretty good for home stuff (not up to professional standards, of course). I purchased it for, wait for it, $44.00 US Talk about CHEAP. So all the above comments pale into insignificance when compared to the price !!

Comments About the Sounds:
Very American in range and quality (boring !!)

(Thanks to Terry Thomlinson for this info.)

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