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equipped ( writes:
The mighty Vintage Pro modual is an absolute dream. Does all the old synth's to a tee. The VP modual also has the same hardware setup as the Proteus 2000, expandable with 4 rom slot's, filter's sound increadable and with the 4 layer's you can get deep, tweakable in the best of way's. The Sub 1 and Sub 2 jacks are effect sends and returns and there's an S/PDIF. Load's of proccessing option's. One the best investment's I ever made. Cheers.

Comments About the Sounds:
This is by far the best rom Emu made imo, it has loads of lovely ol grotty electric piano's, Rhodes, Leslie Hammonds, good ol Oberheim's, Moog's, Mellotron's, Wurlitzers, some incredable Claves, loads of chunky B3, Fairflight's, loads of extra deep synth pad's and weird sounds, the drum's included are all good. All the sounds can be tweaked to a tee with velocity, expression ect, absolute Emu perfection for slammin the key's.

(Thanks to equipped for this info.)

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