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  PRO/Formance 1 Plus At a Glance
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Alan Broady ( writes:
As with the PRO/Formance, this simply has a great piano sound that I love. It's the same sound, dark (although a more "pop / house" piano is also provided) and moody with plenty of character and realism.

It's very easy to use, the S/N ratio is excellent and the piano sound is much better than those from my JV-2080 (although I don't have the piano expansion for this).

Everything in my review of the original PRO/Formance still goes for this model, but note that the electric piano sounds are not that good, or to put it another way are more of the processed EP sound than the authentic Fender Rhodes gritty tone. The organ on the other hand is pretty useable.

If you aren't happy with bright pianos everyone else is trying to sell you - go and hear one of these wee beasties. It's a refreshing alternative.

Comments About the Sounds:
16 More sounds than the original PRO/Formance with Electric Piano, Organ, "Ice Keys" (Kind of very digital EP), Acoustic Bass and Electric Bass. Unfortunately you can only acccess the top 16 via MIDI program change - Boo Hiss.

(Thanks to Alan Broady for this info.)

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