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Alan Broady ( writes:
There's little to say. Go and hear the sound. I personally really like this one patch. You may hate it as it is NOT one of these bright pianos that slices it's way through a mix. Note though that this thing puts out real stereo samples. This is one of the things that gives it a real deptth of sound compared with some of the lesser modules out there.

Drawbacks : There is only one sound. If you don't like it then tough! Also no headphone output which is a bit of a shame.

Plus points : The easiest MIDI device to use ever. Five knobs : Fine tune, Volume, Chromatic Tune, MIDI Channel, Patch Select. Too easy! Also this is a very portable unit, very small and lightweight.

Comments About the Sounds:
This is a piano module so it only makes piano sounds, OK! Basically there is only one sound worth having. Patch 8 and this sound is worth 100 quid if you play piano a lot and don't currently have a decent sound. It is much much better than the piano on say M1/Proteus/U220 etc.

(Thanks to Alan Broady for this info.)

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