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  Xtreme Lead/XL-1 At a Glance
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Matthew Kraus ( writes:
I've been doing this for about 10 years now, and this is a pretty cool box, as techno/dance/trance/house/nrg/whatever goes. The Superbeats mode is neat if you need a time-saver or time for a beer or smoke at a show (yeah, 3am and still partying). It seems to me a lot like the RPS (sp?) on the roland JX-305, but better, and IT CAN TRANSMIT TO MIDI!!!! Makes life easy for the rest of us who, gasp, do not always need to write our own beats - the bass would have found the same four quarter notes anyway. I very much like the arpeggiator and the fact that is has different patterns for each patch, as well as user-definable slots. As a creative stimulant, it works wonders - neato sounds that don't take a lot of work, but can if you want them to. But kicks and hats, choppy claps for the two and four. Yeah, the resonance and cutoff could go a bit further, but they suffice. All in all, this is one of the best compact boxes you can get for under a grand, with room for you and the needs of the raver masses.

Comments About the Sounds:
ATTENTION: I am trying to post 10s in the ratings, but it will only let me go up to 4!!! Hence, each rating of four is actually a ten, and my ratings of three are between six and seven. If you are looking for all the patches that will be on hit records for the next two or so years, this is the place to get them. Just from experience, this thing will be easily as big as the orbit was, but with better sounds for dance.

(Thanks to Matthew Kraus for this info.)
and for the pic

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