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  B3 Sound Module At a Glance
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Dane Winter ( writes:
If you simply need a little more B3 than your workstation is giving you, and you can do without the onboard EFX and an embarrassing Leslie sim, and you don't mind deep editing multifuntional control knobs on a dinky display, then this unit may be right for you. The Leslie works likes this: you crossfade the fast leslie sample into the slow one. This yeilds an embarrassingly unconvincing dynamic to your sound, and bypass the EFX altogether because the algorithms in the DSP are totally defecient. Dust off the NanoVerb and velcro that little ras-cule to the top of this unit because the onboard EFX are dark and dull. The manual is also deficient as it also routinely refers to this unit as the Proteus. Tech Support and the Emu website are of little are on your own programming this one. You can email me if you have questions, I've gotten pretty good on it.

Comments About the Sounds:
Sounds from the Direct Out are pretty good. Also use the Stereo sounds if your output is stereo. A big difference in fidelity here.

(Thanks to Dane Winter for this info.)

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