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  200 At a Glance
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Kelly writes:
Possibly the first synth 'expander', the EML model 200 was designed for educational use. It was built to last in an environment of 'exploring hands'. Rugged, well built w/oversized knobs and containing a basic array of modular synthesis functions - including two ring modulators - this synth makes for a useful processor to a more musically capable instrument (like EML's model 101, to which the 200 was advertised as a mate)

It features 1 master OSC, 2VCOs, spring reverb, electronic switch, HPF, LPF (filters are not voltage controlled, bummer), sample & hold, 2 ring mods one being capable of switching to an amp modulator, voltage controlled panable mixer/output. mic pre-amp, envelope generator.

Comments About the Sounds:
Of three oscillators, only two are voltage controllable, and consist only of a sawtooth of variable width. Limited palette, but capable of solid analogue basses. Very generous ring modulation facilities allow for a vocoder like effect, and other very useful processing effects and noises.

(Thanks to Kelly for this info.)

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