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Keith writes:
An interesting and fun little micro synth. It has a horrible static keyboard that somehow responds to velocity...sort of. The sounds are pure analogue. Very nice filter sweeps. In fact, I think that the synth was designed purely for that function.

It is one of those synths with few controls that still manages to do a lot and sound great. Just like the Gnat, CS-01 and old micro Korg.

The filter is quite elaborate, with some interesting features. There is no envelope at all. The filter is just about capable of producing pseudo envelope effects. There is no release function.

There is a phase shifter effect that sounds very good. Some later models come with a delay/reverb effect, though I have never seen or heard one of these.

All models can run on 9v batteries and have a built in speaker. Through an amp, it sounds powerful. There is a deep sub-osc which adds a nice growl and snarl.

The mini-synth is not a keyboard you often see for sale and prices are at a premium. The build is not good and most are damaged in some way. The screen printing easily rubs off and the keyboard disintegrates. The base is made of cardboard. There is little point waiting to find a perfect example. If you can find one that works, you will not regret buying it. It is a really fun little synth. Being an interesting, old American synth, it will always be collectable and sought after. It's also a good talking point in your studio!

Comments About the Sounds:
Glorious filter sweeps and nice punchy bass stuff.

(Thanks to Keith for this info.)

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