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  Vintage Keys Plus At a Glance
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Scott ( writes:
I wouldn't live without this one in my rig. It gives you all of the great sounds of the Analog era, without the headaches. Has samples from just about everything, Moog, Arp, Roland, Emu, Yamaha, Sequential, Mellotron etc. If you're looking for something to faithfully reproduce those wonderful timbres from days gone by, look no further. This unit is extremely easy to use. Find the Sample you want, add 1-7 more samples, turn on the Portamento, Chorus, tweak the filters, and you're on your way. I've gigged with it for years, and used it in my home studio as well. Sits comfortably in a mix, and can add life to an otherwise Digital setup. See the VK review as well.

Comments About the Sounds:
32 Digital switchable 2/4 pole resonant filters. Portamento. Cross-fading. Chorus. Add to these one of the most extensive collections of Analog Dream Machine samples, and there's not a lot you can't reproduce.

(Thanks to Scott for this info.)

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