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  Synergy GDS II At a Glance
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Jeremiah M Stanfill writes:
I bought one of these synths hoping it would come with everything. It had everything except the SOFTWARE!! You have to control the Synergy through a Z-80 based machine (KAYPRO II recommended) with at least 64k of memory via an RS-232 port. The front panel is interactive with how the computer program works as natural. I had a TRS-80 but locating the software or finding any support for the instrument was next to impossible. The manual came in a typed set of about 30 or 40 papers bound in a manila envelope. The synth architecture has 32 oscillators in which most of them are sine and the remaining are modified triangle waves. Each oscillator has a 16-part frequency, amplitude and I think a panning envelope; each one of these envelopes can be looped in some way. There are I think about four types of algorithms for creating certain groups of sounds. Your polyphony is sized down for how many oscillators You use. The integrity of the construction is low; when it arrived, the main (3x) software chips had popped out and would not stay in. The squirrel cage fan is kind of noisy. The synthesizer takes a while to setup. The instrument weighed appx. 75 lbs. Honesty, it would be better to look for something like a Kawai K5000, K5 or a Yamaha SY77 if You want to explore into something what the Synergy GDS had to offer. Unless You have the software, the instrument is no more than a preset synth.

Comments About the Sounds:
The sound of this synth has a sort of mid tone quality; not too bright and not much bass. If You find one, You might want use an exciter or something to enhance the high and low end of the spectrum. I noticed that when the attack transients are set too high, the synth has a nasty habit to distort very badly....this could also be because of age. The velocity does not respond that well ither.

(Thanks to Jeremiah M Stanfill for this info.)

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