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  MK7va Master keyboard At a Glance
Picture needed arrowReleased: c.1989  Specifications
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Alan Broady writes:
This is simply the worst master keyboard ever made. It really is - you simply will not believe the aftertouch - the keyboard bows in the middle in this extremely scary way. Oh yeah - and the "weights" that give it that "piano action" (obviously a completely knackered pre-war piano that was badly damaged during the air raids) tend to fall off in a slightly worrying manner!!

It's dreadful - I don't care how little it costs - The worst product of any type I have ever bought. Worse that eating sweet n sour pot noodles after you put too much water in and try to drain them out, worse than Esther Rantzen presenting "Hearts of Gold Cat Lovers Special". It is totally completely and utterly crap!!


I bought mine through mail order without playing it. Well how bad could a master keyboard be I rather innocently thought? Well - this bad!!! To get any aftertouch you need arms like Arnie and then it starts falling to peices and the display is only a poxy little two character LCD job and the front panel if incredibly naff and the HUGE Cheetah logo on it is in incredibly poor taste and the footpedal sockets are shit and the build quality is appaling and rant rant dribble froth at the mouth etc........

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(Thanks to Alan Broady for this info.)

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