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  SA-20 At a Glance
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Mark Ridlen writes:
The SA-20 is a keyboard I've had now for about 10 years. Its very small, and has less than 3 octaves, not to mention the small keys. The sound quality is terrible when cranked, with or without external speakers (indicating a cheap internal amp). Its terrible!!!..... I LOVE THIS KEYBOARD!!! The 100 retro sounds have a feel-good lo-fi sound that anybody would love, the rhythims and styles are cool, and the interface is a piece of cake to learn (say you want #29... push 2 then 9). The best part is a 4-voice (it has 4-voice polyphony) rendition demo of "wake me up before you go-go" - it just takes the proverbial cake. The only REAL problem I'm having with it is that the keys and the AC adapter are wearing out. I began searching for SA models on the internet, and SA-39, 35, and 65 came up. If you have any info on the newer SA models PLEASE email me... I can't find ANY info ANYWHERE. -Mark Ridlen

Comments About the Sounds:
There are 100 PCM sounds (including drumkits). The speakers are very tinny and scratchy... if you hook this cheap little keyboard up to an amp, and turn down the volume on the keyboard, it has some amazingly retro sounds on it. Now if only it had MIDI...

(Thanks to Mark Ridlen for this info.)
and Michal Gieres for the pic

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Super Accompany Funk here's the link to the actual mp3 file
Battery Sentinel 2 A compilation put out by Crunch Pod Media ( has a track made entirely from the SA-20's 'Super Accompany Funk' rhythm

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