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  PT1 At a Glance
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Robert writes:
Well there's not much to say. Though it appears extremely limited, coupled with a good sound editing program, one can create endless amounts of good sounds. It's fun to go insane and hit the keys randomly, yielding a sound somewhat like one would expect to hear coming out of an old school computer (Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory for instance). 1 1/8" output. Has a rockin demo, also. I know I've heard these casio beats somewhere...It's the kind of keyboard that everyone had when they were a kid and wished they had now.

Comments About the Sounds:
Only 4 sounds (piano, fantasy, violin, flute), but very thick. Good to sample and edit in sample editing program like Sound Forge because the sounds are so clear and thick.

(Thanks to Robert for this info.)
and Tim for the pic

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there was also a PT10 model ... And a PT20 model too ... the model also featured as a calculator (via a small LCD panel) if I'm not mistaken !?

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