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  PG-380 At a Glance
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Mike Martell writes:
Apart from the synth built in, the guitar itself, a strat style "Ibanez", is of very high quality. Adding the synth makes it THE MOST ADVANCED GUITAR EVER BUILT allowing the full transition from a normal screaming strat to a scary synthezised dentists drill by by slowly turning a knob on the guitar. Seen from the front it looks like a normal strat (S/S/H) with a Hex-pickup close to the floyd rose tremolo and a small panel below. On the panel there are 12 small buttons for controlling patches and octave, a 2-digit LED display, and two LED's for the built-in tuner. Strat-wise there is a five pole pickup selector and controls for tone, guitar volume and synth volume. Apart from a normal DIN MIDI-OUT connector there one mono output for guitar only and a stereo for guitar + synth. The synth can be set to send on six different MIDI channels, one for each string, or everything over one channel. Tracking is very good, and you can even bend the tones to play your favourite blues. The backside is full of electronics and a slot for the ROM cards. Acoustically it has quite a woody sound due to all the chambers routed for electronics.

Comments About the Sounds:
The built in patches is not so good but with a VZ synth module or keyboard you can design your own sounds

(Thanks to Mike Martell for this info.)
and synth guitar for the pic

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